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Create positive and lasting change in your relationship

Do you have relationship issues? Mell works closely with all relationship related challenges. What ever the reason for your relationship situation, Mell can work together with you both to get your relationship back on track. Mell sees couples counselling as an important space for those that are beginning their journey together, young couples, couples who are engaged, couples who are contemplating getting married and those that have been together for some time and who have lost their capacity to experience vitality within themselves and within their interpersonal relationships.

Online couples counselling ​

Relationships can be difficult at the best of times, let alone in the current climate. Being online allows for an in depth, flexible and convenient way for you to access therapy with Mell in real time, without having to come into an office with the same focus as you would receive in face to face counselling.

Face to face​

Online therapy may not be suited for all couples. If you do not feel comfortable talking online in your own home you can visit Mell in her practice.

Couples counselling or marriage counselling can help you address difficult relationship issues such as:


couple intimacy




Changing the understanding of sexuality in marriages and other committed partnerships

parenting discrepancy

Mell Symonds

About Mell

Mell offers a safe gentle space for you to access those core issues that limit your true expression and potential. Empathic and insightful, Mell brings an authentic and grounded presence to the counselling relationship where she co-creates a therapeutic space for individuals and couples to assist in discovering a more embodied nourishing path to living and relating by helping her clients to release stuck, heavy patterns leading to freedom mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Her core values are are:

Mell hold’s the belief that…

A relationship is more than the sum of its parts, a relationship is loyalty, respect and integrity.

Supporting the couple to connect through heart-to-heart coherence allows the fundamental resourcefulness within the relationship to emerge.

Come on the journey as you learn to create an inner awareness through a relational based approach to therapy with me.

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