Thank you so much Mell! You are an amazing counsellor and a bloody legend of a human!

S.D-March 2021

Hi Mell, I haven't been lucky enough to see you around town, so I wanted to say hi. I am going really well, it appears that I have learnt my lesson on the romance front (finally). Couple of near misses, one in particular but managed to save myself from going down the 'saving all of mankind' pathway. I think of you often and send a silent thank you to you everyday.

A.B- January 2021

Always welcoming, down to earth, caring and easy to talk to. Never a bad experience.

Couple- October 2020

Mell is comforting, engaging and provides a great service. Her experience and knowledge shine when she speaks.

A.A- September 2020

Thanks so much for today Mell. As always we really enjoyed it and you have truly helped us so much both individually and as a couple. Forever grateful.

Couple-August 2020

Mell is a personable and skilled therapist. Very kind and understanding.

S.D - August 2019

Thanks so much again for all of your help. You have a special gift to help people so intuitively and in such a caring way.

Michelle - May 2019

Finding a good therapist is like seeing a shooting star…Shine on Mell, thank you really much.

Chauntelle - March 2019

Mell is a wonderful person who will invite you in with a warm and caring personality. She gave me tools to help me but never forced me to learn them in a certain period of time or way. Mell always gave me control of my recovery. She has learnt to read my body language and knows which way to guide me through this. She lets me express my feeling’s openly with out any judgement. And does not mind if I just need to “vent” for a minute or two. She understands my quirkiness’s. And that as a young adult with out a hand book on life. That I will always grieve Mufasa’s death, always look at every owl to see if they have my acceptance letter. That I will live long and prosper, to never understand the family relationship of the Sky Walker family. And that when I see a ring that is just too pretty that I must say “my precious “ and that I will not let my demons consume me. And that maybe my obsession with Moby dick is like the captain of that great voyage.

Amber - March 2019

To Mell, Merry Christmas to you! I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have you in our community. You have helped me + my friends in their hardest moments. Thank you for being available for anyone who needs support.

D. A - December 2018

The words Mell spoke to me were like open arms. Every obstacle that I brought into our session Mell provided me with the tools I needed to work through it. My journey with Mell began 18 months ago and over our time together I have learnt more about myself and the world around me than I could have ever imagined to do on my own. However, Mell never forced me to learn these things, she simply helped to open my mind and allowed me to speak freely in a safe place urging me to grow and discover. For this I am extremely grateful to her. Thank you Mell.

Grace - October 2018

I just wanted to shoot you a quick message to say thank you from every corner of my heart for being the catalyst for change in my life. You helped me kick start change in myself I never thought possible. The journey is of course ongoing, but the journey is exciting and no longer a journey of dread, putting one foot in front of the other. I’d say there will still be times I book in for a session here and there, but you’ll forever be a standout person in my life’s journey for the impact you’ve had. So thank you I would say you’re very much appreciated by many, many people.

Emma - September 2018

Our family started seeing Mell during a very difficult time and we are so glad we did. Mell is warm, open, genuine and kind. Our family is grateful for the guidance and support she gave us from the first inquiry phone call and throughout every session. If you are struggling a little or as a family, I highly recommend and encourage you to have a talk to Mell and see what happens.....I was anxious and nervous but needn't have been as it was a great experience from start to finish.

Family Flynn - July 2018

I met Mell at one of my darkest moments in my life. I was sad and unhappy with myself and my life. After working with Mell for around five months she pulled me out of the darkness and made me feel like my old self again. She is a beautiful human being who never made me feel judged or silly. I remember after my first session I asked Mell "can you fix me"...However she never thought I was broken. It is this caring and loving nature of hers and the Tools she can offer and teach you that make me feel very happy to recommend her to anyone who needs a helping hand and listening ear.

Client wishes to remain anonymous - May 2018

After getting married and leaving my family home, relocating to a new town, starting a new job and getting to know my new husband, I experienced a time of anxiety, loss of self and a lack of confidence which was leading to my marriage and other relationships breaking down. I decided I needed professional help and found Mell Symonds. Mell has this bubbly, kind and caring nature that made me feel so comfortable to be myself. I would leave every one of my sessions with a smile on my face. I was allowed to express myself through laughing and crying. Expressing anger, fear and stress...all different emotions and the most beautiful part was that we shared it together. It felt like I was talking to a best friend, not a counselor. I found Mell to be very empathetic and understanding. Some practical tools Mell has taught me is a technique called 'Tapping'. I use it every time I have a panic attack or when my world seems like it's crumbling. I have found it helps me gain control of my mind and body and most importantly helps me calm down. After seeing Mell over a number of sessions, I can honestly say she has helped me find who I am and I am finally free to be me.I highly recommend seeing her, you will not be disappointed.

Mel - September 2017

Hi Mell, following our visits I am doing really well and enjoying life. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you...I have embraced all the changes you and I have worked hard to achieve and I don't intend going back to the way things were. My family life is a lot calmer these days, and at the times when it's not, we work together well to recover. I'm not that good at putting my feelings into words, but I want to let you know that you had a profound effect on my life. I can't describe how much lighter and contended I feel, or how you just got me and understood my worries and helped me to deal with them in a way nobody else has. Your open-hearted kindness and the rapport we shared is something I will never forget.

Client wishes to remain anonymous - August 2017

I had come to a point in my life where I was very unwell physically , emotionally and mentally. I had been through a lot of loss and grief and my identity had vanished. I felt I had no purpose and nowhere to turn. I was sick in every way. I saw Mell thinking she would be like other psychologists or counselors I had spoken to throughout my life. I would go in talk about my problems in a superficial way and leave feeling much worse and more of a failure but at least I had "given it a try!" Mell was a complete surprise, a life changer! Mell is so personable, putting you at ease very quickly. She is totally professional and confidential everything you would expect from a psychotherapist however Mell is so much more. She truly listens, she hears what you are saying she offers support, compassion, strategies and tools to deal with your life once you walk out her door. Her strategies and support have changed my life forever, in fact changed me forever! These changes in me are having a flow on affect to my family. Our communication is changing and we are understanding each other in a way that promotes peace and harmony in our home. I would recommend Mell to anyone from people who are struggling with surviving each day to others who may just need a listening ear. The gift Mell gave me is the realisation that my relationship and understanding of myself was the key to truly loving myself. I didn't know how to do that, in fact I thought loving yourself was vanity! I was so wrong! I'm not there yet, but I feel so much more equipped to handle "the stuff that is life" I believe in myself I know I can do it! Thanks Mell

Donna - April 2017

We met Mell after a recommendation was made by a mutual friend. My daughter had been suffering from an ongoing fear that no matter what I had tried my daughter could not move through it. I contacted Mell and she immediately made me feel at ease and was willing to give it a try. At our first appointment, Mell introduced EFT, which my 10 year old daughter happily participated in even though it was incredibly emotional for her. As her mum I really hadn't realised what a hold this fear had on her, and just how unhappy it was making her. Mell was professional, personable and understanding. Watching the EFT at first it did have me guessing how it could help, but with more practise at home my daughter made massive progress in only one week. I really couldn't believe it. We then continued on to have two more sessions with Mell using EFT. My daughter is now back to her confident self, and has some great personal tools for when she needs them. I am so very grateful for all Mell has done for us, she really did come into our lives and change it for the better. As a mum we all believe that we can help our kids through anything, so imagine how I was beginning to feel not having the answers to help her situation. When I spoke to Mell about this she gave nothing but praise for all I had tried.I would and have recommended Mell to anyone in need of some guidance, someone to listen to and to other mums who have just run out of ideas.

Erin - April 2017

Thank you so much for your session today. I had no idea how much of my life was bound to my husband. It was quite interesting coz when he first got tinnitus so bad that he wanted to drive off a bridge and commit suicide, I asked him why he didn't do so. His answer was that he knew I wouldn't be able to cope without him - and that was proved true in today's session with you. I think he loves me just as much as I love him - the heart is really powerful! You uncovered something very very deep in me - something that is etched into my very soul and cannot be detached. That was great work Mell. Thanks again!

Evelyn V-September 2016

I engaged Mell’s services and found a safe haven; a space free of judgement where trust is implicit. I was heard and understood. I left feeling calm, hopeful and equipped with some tools to get me through the parts of life I'd been grappling with. I highly recommend Mell’s services; her passion is evident – such a practitioner is difficult to find...

Jane - August 2016