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Hello, I’m happy to have you here…… My practice is founded upon supporting you to bring about the restoration of choice. If choice is restored through a warm, supportive and caring therapeutic framework, the ability to see yourself can emerge. This predominantly sparks the beginning of an inner aliveness and vitality which induces the capacity to thrive. As choice is restored and new awareness is made known, it ripples outwards helping to  build relationships in work, love, family and community that benefit everyone.

Furthermore, studies are now concluding time and time again, that one of the most important elements in any form of counselling is the relationship that develops between the client and the counselor. Simply put, change occurs naturally and organically when sufficient attention is given to help raise awareness and enable health producing and sustaining support to be received.

Rediscovering who you are and building upon this to restore homeostasis within your life, brings meaning and purpose to my life. Working relationally in what has been instrumental in bringing you to therapy and supporting you throughout this journey, is a privilege. Previous and existing clients have described me as transformational, empathetic, loyal and real.


My mission is helping to create better relationships together, so call me…
Face to face counselling helps build safety and trust by building on an interpersonal relationship with me as your therapist in an attuned empathic environment. Book your face-to-face session now.
Being online allows for an in depth, flexible and convenient way for you to access therapy with me in real time, without having to come into an office with the same focus as you would receive in face to face counselling. Book your online session now.

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Come on the journey as you learn to create an inner awareness through a relational based approach to therapy with me.

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