As a therapist, I partner with my clients as we explore present difficulties or past traumas. Through a supportive therapeutic process, my clients discover and build upon their own inner strengths and resources, which they learn to rely upon outside of therapy in their daily lives.

Focusing on the here-and-now relationship can help us discover belief patterns, perceptions, and thoughts that impede personal growth. I’ll help you explore your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional experiences to help you boost clarity whilst creating coping skills that will work for you.

I feel that problems we have in our lives are important messages from ‘a deeper part of the self’ that is trying to be heard, perhaps parts that have been ignored, shunned and abandoned. In my work I help to make contact with these sometimes problematic and often hurt parts by building a relationship in which there is safety, trust, and freedom. My experience has been that this brings surprising insights, shifts and healing.  As our difficult places become known and slowly accepted they become integrated and we become more whole, actualised, and present as people. 

On the Fence About Going to Therapy?

It is quite normal to feel ambivalent about therapy. I believe that therapy works, when you find the right therapist, who can connect with you and help you to connect better with yourself and with others as well. When you find a therapist who can listen carefully and with care to what you are saying , help you connect with your inner truth, yet challenge your unconscious self-limiting beliefs you have found the recipe for real change and transformation.

Specific Issue(s) I’m Skilled at Helping With

Helping people to have close relationships while holding on to a strong sense of individuality. We are always in relationship, although the settings may change – romance, family, friends, and work. I like helping people to rediscover themsleves and learn how to love and live with more ease.

Definition of Psychotherapy